Our mission is to transport the imagination to faraway places using creative expression as fuel.  Our vision is to offer a whole world experience through the power of words.

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Hello! My name is Serissa R. McAnally. I’m the founder and manager of Footprints on Fire, an online travel journal of creative nonfiction.

“Oh, just another travel website/blog,” you might think.

Technically yes, but conceptually no. Allow me to explain.

Travel writing has become infected by advertising. More often than not, so-called ”travel articles” are nothing more than advertisements in disguise. Now, advertisements are not evil; but, they tend to paint irresistible pictures to entice consumers.

Obviously, the purpose of advertising is to promote and sell products and services. Oh! And PLACES, too!

Undoubtedly, this explains the lack of enthusiasm you may feel after reading a particular travel article.

Bothered by this truth and determined to expose it, I set off on a mission to promote the voice of ”real” travel writing. This mission brought forth the creation of my website because every voice should have a platform on which to perform.

But first, this website had to be named. Finding the perfect name was challenging because a name is so much more than simply a label. A name is an expression of who we are, what we do, and how we feel. So, from the deepest depths of my thoughts a new name was born. Footprints on Fire! I travel as if my feet were on fire. They burn with the desire to remain in perpetual motion. Step by step, my footprints spread like fire across the globe. Footprints on Fire! It expresses how I feel about traveling as a need and how I feel about doing something meaningful.

Understandably, traveling is not a need for everyone; but, I do believe experiencing the world in one way or another is what everyone needs. Of equal importance are the meaningful activities in which we engage in order to spread happiness and hope whether to a neighbor, community or country. As key ingredients, these two beliefs melded to form my vision for Footprints on Fire.

Footprints on Fire is committed to the promotion of genuine travel experiences untainted by advertising gimmicks while also promoting the pursuit of meaningful activities. So, in cooperation with writers around the world, we transport the imagination to faraway places using creative expression as fuel. Each story we share brings us one step closer to offering a whole world experience through the power of words.


Footprints on Fire is honored by contributions from these widely acclaimed authors.

Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall

Published Author

I’m a professional writer, with more than sixty books published under several pen names (mostly Rayne Hall), in several genres (mostly fantasy, horror, historical and non-fiction), by several publishers, in several languages.

Zvezdana Rashkovich

Zvezdana Rashkovich

Published Author

My work is widely published and can be found in many anthologies and literary journals, both in print and online in UK, USA, Greece, Australia Lebanon and Sudan.



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