Footprints on Fire

WelcomeWe’re delighted to have you here with us today.  We’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions, but please let us know if you have any others.

Our founder and manager, Serissa R. McAnally, created the Footprints on Fire domain name on August 18, 2019.

Our mission is to transport the imagination to faraway places using creative expression as fuel. 

Our vision is to offer a whole world experience through the power of words. 

Initially, building a website was merely a hobby, but it evolved into so much more.  To keep our fire burning, we decided to monetize our website to cover basic overhead costs and other expenses.   So, Footprints on Fire, LLC now participates in affiliate marketing programs to generate revenue. 

What is an affiliate marketing program?

Footprints on Fire, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  We participate in other affiliate advertising programs as well.

On many of our pages, visitors will see links to products and services. These are affiliate links. If a visitor clicks through an affiliate link and makes a purchase, Footprints on Fire, LLC will earn a small commission at NO additional cost to the visitor. Unless stated otherwise, we are NOT being paid to endorse or recommend these products and/or services. 

How else will revenue be generated?

Footprints on Fire, LLC participates in Google AdSense to earn money for displaying random advertisements on our website.   However, the placement and the frequency of advertisements will require careful consideration. We will NOT sacrifice the appearance nor the ease of use of the Footprints on Fire website by allowing it to become cluttered with advertisements just to earn a few extra bucks.

We hope to generate a modest profit in time.  When we do, we’ll use profit in the following ways:

  • Reward our trailblazers based upon their individual contributions
  • Offer paid writing opportunities
  • Reinvest in the company to help grow and expand

Absolutely!  OUR fire isn’t our ONLY concern! People all over the world struggle to keep their fires alive.  Footprints on Fire, LLC will donate, at minimum, 10% of all profit to humanitarian activities in under-developed countries.  Donations will usually go to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, but we may decide to support a great cause that doesn’t happen to be a 501(c)3.  Regardless, we will be upfront and transparent in every case.

To ensure that our donations are used wisely, we will NOT entrust them to large nonprofits with high administrative costs. Instead, we’ll be vigilant and highly selective in deciding which nonprofits to support.  We don’t want the value of our donation to dwindle in transit to its intended recipients.

Currently, we support Mayan Families, a nonprofit operating in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan region.

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