Eco Hostal Yuluka – Tayrona National Park

Eco Hostal Yuluka – Tayrona National Park

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NOTE:  My article fails to build a strong sense of place because it lacks vivid description.  There’s no action or dialogue.   I need to show more and tell less.  ProWritingAid briefly explains How to Master “Show, Don’t Tell”

UPDATE: I read The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall.  My writing style will never be the same.  In fact, I’m rewriting and renaming this article.  Read my book review and a snippet of my improved article. 

Eco Hostal Yuluka is conveniently situated between the two entrances of Tayrona National Park where we spent four days trekking through the mountainous jungles that hug Colombia’s Caribbean coast.  Beforehand, we decided to book several nights at Eco Hostal Yuluka. We wanted a secure place to store our gear that was not required for this journey.  Also, we wanted to rest for one day before embarking on this long trek.  Finally, we wanted a lovely place to recuperate for a few days following our return from the wilderness.

Now, don’t let the word “hostal” deter you from staying atEco Hostal Yuluka.  The word “hostal” (although usually spelled “hostel”) seems to strike fear into the minds of many, but it need not be that way.  Although there are budget-friendly, dormitory-styled accommodations for backpackers, there are also several very private bungalows (luxury huts).

My arrival felt like I had entered the garden of Eden. Lush, tropical plants grew on every last inch of available soil. The structures on the property are seamlessly integrated into this mountainside garden and can be reached via cobblestone staircases. When I saw my private bungalow, I felt a pang of jealousy and momentarily contemplated whether or not to visit Tayrona National Park because our gear was going to spend more time at Eco Hostal Yuluka than us!

The property’s amenities were MORE than enough for me. Complimentary WiFi, clean rooms with crisp white linens and towels, a propane-fueled water heater for an abundance of HOT water in the shower/bathtub, a lovely patio with a hammock just outside our door, a waterfall pool to stay cool, and a beautiful restaurant/bar with relaxing Caribbean charm.  I would select a table that was next to a hammock so I could rest while waiting for my freshly prepared meals.

So many wonderful things to say about Eco Hostal Yuluka, but surely there must be something to complain about, right? Well…

I could have complained about the Wifi.  To keep the story short… upon my arrival (literally) at Eco Hostal Yuluka and after being mostly unplugged during my time in Tayrona, I received an urgent call from my mother regarding the health of my daughter who always seems to get really sick when her grandma watches her in my absence. I had to send a picture of my photo ID and a permission letter via email to my child’s doctor so that my child could receive treatment under her grandma’s care. I was livid as was my mother. Of course, this all had to be done ASAP because my other child still had to be picked up from school on time. After cooling down, I reminded myself where I was in the world and that I actually LIKE being unplugged while traveling… except in emergencies of course!

I could have complained about the large boulder that protruded through the floor of our bungalow because it had not been removed prior to construction. This caused my man many a stubbed toe! Seriously though, a feature like this should be appreciated because it makes a property truly memorable.

I could have complained about the lack of a dryer because who in their right mind would have a washing machine without a dryer? And the short laundry lines only provided enough room to hang up my man’s undershorts!  Then again, the railing on our patio worked just fine in addition to the laundry line I always pack.  And besides, after washing my clothes in a Honduran pila and wringing them out by hand for an entire school year, I was thankful to have this washing machine, especially after wearing the same set of clothes while trekking four days through Tayrona.  And the complimentary washing detergent really made my day!

So let’s just say, I have NO complaints!

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