The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall
Photo by Rayne Hall

The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall

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At last, a diet that works… for writers!  The Word-Loss Diet (part of the bestselling Writer’s Craft Series by Rayne Hall) contains highly effective tricks to polish your manuscripts and shed hundreds of words without deleting scenes or changing the plot.

Written for writers considering publication, this book shows how to correct the common mistakes characteristic of novice writers. However, writers at all levels will benefit from this knowledge, too!

To project professionalism and experience, brevity and clarity are key. I purchased this book to identify any wordiness I might be overlooking. I expected to learn a couple of tricks to tighten up my writing; but, this book taught me more than a trick or two. Not only did I learn to identify simple mistakes in my own writing, but I learned to write in a more compelling way.

These simple, yet powerful, tricks will flabbergast and humble many writers! I learned to avoid unnecessary or weak words, over-using certain words or specific types of words, redundancy, separating readers from the action, and saying what’s already implied. Of course, I still need more practice!

If you’re struggling to publish a book, consider losing word-weight. I’m not a subject-matter expert. However, Rayne Hall has extensive experience in the publishing industry. As an editor herself, she offers her insights.

Editors look for novice mistakes in the first page of a manuscript. This is how they separate the wheat from the chaff. To appease an editor’s eye, avoid these easily correctable mistakes.

I recommend reading  The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall. Don’t let word-weight stand between your dreams and you.

Word Loss Diet by Rayne Hall
Photo by Rayne Hall

NOTE: You might assume I’m an experienced writer because I’m the founder of Footprints on Fire; but, the truth may surprise you. 

I want to show you how this book affected my writing style.  So, I’m rewriting and renaming the first article I posted. 

I hope you enjoy the following snippet!

Mangoes Under the Moon – Eco Hostal Yuluka

“It’s back there. That’s why I wanted to stop the bus.”

From the entrance of Tayrona National Park, we backtracked along the highway on foot. The thick heat of the day weighed on us more than our minimally packed backpacks.

The slight incline leveled off under the broad canopy of a magnificent mango tree. Fallen mangoes, split open on the pavement, conjured the scent of the sliced mango I purchased from a street vendor in Cartagena. I halted. “Water break.”

We resumed a steady stride after weaving between the last unlucky mangoes in our path.

Up ahead in the distance, a sign beckoned. I squinted to decipher the words. “Eco Hostal Yuluka!”

At the entrance, massive gates made of iron stood wide open like a mother’s welcoming arms. On the opposite side of the arched threshold, tropical foliage waved a friendly hello.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Eco Hostal Yuluka – Tayrona National Park. 

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