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Write For Us!

Footprints on Fire is looking for writers!  If you enjoy writing creative nonfiction, then this opportunity is your chance to be part of something new.  Experience is NOT required.  We encourage writers at all levels to participate. 

We want to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our writers.  If you want to build your writing portfolio, boost traffic to your website, or display your work for others to enjoy, then let’s work together! 

NOTE: You will retain the copyright over all your individual work published on Footprints on Fire.

Since Footprints on Fire is barely on its feet, monetary compensation is not available.  First, we must learn to walk.  But, when our footprints start to run, there’s no telling how far we’ll go!

Here’s what we can offer now:

  • Your author biography below your article
  • A link to your website/blog
  • Links to your social profiles
  • A link to your personal email address
  • More tabs can be added to your author biography box if you want to display other types information
  • The promotion of your articles to our social media followers
  • A traffic boost to your website/blog or social profiles during one of our RafflePress giveaways
  •  Your name displayed on Our TOP Authors page if you’re one of the first ten people to publish an article on Footprints on Fire (Our trailblazers will receive a special monetary reward once we start turning a profit)

One day, we hope to offer paid writing opportunities.  Read about Footprints on Fire to learn our plans for the future and how we intend to use profit.

If you think of anything else we can offer, please let us know!  Again, we want to form a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

We want articles about your personal experiences and interactions with people and places around the world. 

You may think you need to be a world traveler to create such an article, but that’s NOT true.  Even if a place isn’t far from you, it’s far from someone.  Write an article set in your hometown!

Your purpose for writing is NOT to advertise the place or event.  Read The Most Important Rule in Travel Writing: “Show, Don’t Sell” by Matt Hershberger who says “travel writing has become infected with a different problem: we’ve started to adopt the language of advertisers.”

Your ONLY purpose is to entertain and inform. 

Write an article in the form of creative nonfiction.  Paint an accurate picture of the place using highly-descriptive and sensory-rich language.  Build a STRONG sense of place to immerse readers in your experience.  Weave in a theme or motif.  Use action and dialogue to express your feelings and emotions.  Add personal anecdotes and lighthearted humor.  Include facts and information related to history, culture, or geography.  Political details (if included) must be stripped of ALL bias. 

Keep in mind, Footprints on Fire wants to offer a whole world experience through the power of words.   We must recognize the beautiful and the not so beautiful, the happy and the not so happy, the safe and the not so safe.  Unlike many travel magazines and travel blogs, we give you freedom to show the truth and nothing but the truth. 

A FREE Kindle book called   Show, Don’t Tell:  How to write vivid description, handle backstory, and describe your characters’ emotions by Sandra Gerth is a quick-read for novice writers to jump in and get their feet wet. 

To make a bigger splash, learn to apply the professional techniques in these books, which are part of the Writer’s Craft Series by Rayne Hall.

Also, take a look at our collection of articles, book reviews, tips and other writing resources specifically FOR WRITERS.

The following types of articles are not acceptable because they fail to promote the voice of REAL travel writing.  There may be exceptions, but few.

  • Round-up (i.e. 10 best beaches of the Caribbean)
  • How-To (i.e. How to take a train from Milan to Warsaw)
  • Itinerary (i.e. 21 days in Colombia)
  • Op-ed with environmental or political topic

We prefer to publish articles which haven’t been published elsewhere.  However, we’ll allow it under certain circumstances.  Please reach out to us for further discussion. 

Yes!  If you have an idea about a different topic, please follow our guest post pitch requirements below to submit your idea. 

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • In the subject line, type “GUEST POST PITCH – [your name]
  • Briefly explain your idea (summary, outline, bullet points, etc.) OR attach a completed or partially completed article for review and consideration

Also, we would love to entertain ideas about weekly or monthly columns that can be displayed on our homepage, included in newsletters, etc.

ALL ideas are welcome!

Don’t be alarmed by the length of this list.  Your article won’t be rejected for failing to follow these guidelines.  We’ll help you along the way if needed.

  1. Articles  must be your original work, meaning you wrote them.  Plagiarism is not permitted. When quoting others, please cite your sources accordingly.  Any content in the guest post including all images and videos must NOT infringe on copyright laws.  YOU RETAIN YOUR COPYRIGHT.
  2. Guest Writer represents and warrants that all content provided for the article is his or her sole property and does not violate the copyright, patent, trademark, right of privacy or publicity of any person or entity.
  3. Articles should aim for 600+ words.  There is no maximum word count.  However, we believe quality must take precedence over quantity.  So, articles less than 600 words are still acceptable.
  4. Articles must be high quality content that’s lawful, non-threatening, not hateful, profane, vulgar, abusive or objectionable in any manner to anyone.
  5. Guest Writer must ensure that all statements in the article asserted as facts must be true and factually correct based on reasonable research for accuracy.
  6. Guest Writer may include no more than two (2) outbound links to authority sites in the body of the article.  Links must be directly related to the article’s topic and must benefit the reader.  All links are subject to Site Owner’s approval.
  7. No affiliate links are allowed in the article except for Site Owner’s affiliate links for the products and/or services they promote including affiliate links for your products and/or services. All links are subject to Site Owner’s approval.
  8. Guest Writer will receive credit for writing the article without any monetary compensation.
  9. Guest Writer must specify how his or her name is to be displayed to receive acknowledgement for writing it.  (e.g., John Doe, J. Doe, John D.)
  10. (Optional) Guest Writer may submit a short personal bio –  150 words or less.
  11. (Optional) Guest Writer may submit one (1) link to his or her personal website or blog, but may submit multiple social media profile links.
  12. (Optional) Guest Writer may submit a profile picture in GIF, JPEG or PNG format that is or can be cropped to 300 x 300 pixels.
  13. (Optional) Any images or videos submitted with the article must be directly relevant to the article content and the Guest Writer must own all images and videos or must have the legal rights to use them. Guest Writer must be the copyright owner of the image and/or video submitted or those images and/or videos must be licensed under an appropriate creative commons license or in the public domain. Guest Writer must submit a  media release agreement as evidence for each person appearing in the images and/or videos submitted to us showing that each person including yourself gave written permission to be included in them.  Articles must not violate anyone’s privacy rights. Total video length must be between 1 to 5 minutes at max. Site Owner in its sole discretion may reject any evidence as insufficient or inadequate.
  14. Articles must be free of errors and proofread carefully prior to submission.

JFYI – If you haven’t already invested in editing software, ProWritingAid offers a 14-day FREE trial (credit card NOT required).

Submit your article as a word document.  Include the following information in your document:

  • your name (first and last)
  • your name formatted for public display if different than above.  (John Doe, J. Doe, John D., etc.)
  • address (state and country ONLY)
  • email address
  • (optional) your personal website or blog URL
  • (optional) any social media profile links you want displayed
  • (optional) possible titles for your article
  • (optional) your author bio  (150 words or less)

Create an email. Type “NEW ARTICLE- [Your Name]” in the subject line. 

Attach supporting media files if any. 

Send the email to [email protected]

NOTIFICATION – You will receive an email regarding the status of your article.  Depending on the volume of submissions we receive, it might take a few days to get back to you.   Not all articles will be accepted.  However, if your article is on topic, well-written and confirmed to be original, it will most likely be accepted.

GUEST WRITER AGREEMENT – If your article is accepted, we will send you an electronic Guest Writer Agreement.  Please read this agreement thoroughly and sign it within the 7-day window to expedite the editing and publishing process.  For simplicity, this is a one-time agreement.  Your signature grants us permission to publish any articles you submit now or in the future.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

EDITING – We reserve the right to make minor edits, e.g., spelling, grammar, or punctuation.  We’ll contact you via email if any substantial changes are needed.  This is YOUR work, not ours.

PUBLISHING – Your article will be scheduled for publishing.  Once published, you’ll receive an email notification.

LINK PROMOTION – Promote the link to your published article on your website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You may include a teaser or short summary of your article to accompany the link.

COMMENTS – Respond to your readers’ questions, comments or feedback.

UPDATES AND REVISIONS – You may submit an updated or revised version of your article at any time and we will republish it for you!

RE-PUBLISHING – We prefer you don’t re-publish your article on any other website or social media platform because content duplication on the internet is highly discouraged.  We ask you to wait at least one year before re-publishing your article elsewhere.

Not a writer?  Know a writer?  Share this opportunity with others!

Please help us get the word out by sharing this page with your family, friends and followers!  Let everyone know about this fantastic opportunity for writers to showcase their work on our website.  Your support keeps our fire burning.  Visit our SUPPORTERS page to see the many ways you can support Footprints on Fire.

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